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February 21, 2011

Hello there indeed!

I realised a couple of months ago that my interest in animation isn't quite as casual as I thought it was. As a kid, I remember I loved to look at things on the computer monitor, but never the TV. For some reason, the softness of the TV screen seemed so dull, but the sharp pixelated 320x200 resolution monitor was somehow beautiful and alive. All those little pixels moving around fascinated me. I could never work out why when a single pixel moved, it appeared to move smoothly, even though it was clearly a white box suddenly moving to the next pixel. If a pixel moved slowly, it appeared to jerk to the next place, but if it moved quickly, the movement appeared perfectly smooth.

I must have been about six or seven. That interest in motion, illusion, the way things on screen sparked my imagination, persists, and has grown over time. I'm currently teaching myself how to make movies and animate, and you can see my little first attempt at a 2D cel styled animation Chicken Rider over at my full site here, along with my first serious short film project The Long Way Home. But my main passion is writing - generating ideas, and turning them into living things. Sometimes it's a film, sometimes it's a short story, sometimes it's a song.

This blog is a place for me to document my adventures in trying to make and tell good stories, as well as talk about some of my other projects as they develop, and post (and thereby keep a record of) some of the great and wonderful works other people have made, that continue to inspire me.

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